Christmas lights to decorate the outside

1. Create a plan of the house with all the places you want to install lights on. Include the shrubbery and trees too.

2. Get your old lights from where you stored them and see which ones still work. When you have finished measuring the strands see if you need more lights by looking at your plan.

3. If you see you need more lights go and buy some and be creative with the style. You have options like mini-lights, oversized lights, icicle lights, mesh lights, solid lights, blinkers or chasing lights. The only thing that they need to have in common is to be rated for outdoor use.

4. Try to match lights next to each other because mixing styles could look very ugly. Hang the lights according to a pattern based on colors and sizes. For the eaves and windows use different colors and for trees use the big lights.

5. Have in mind all the time where the electrical outlet is located and notice how many extension cords you will need. Usually you will need one or two heavy duty cords.

6. Use light clips for the eaves and gutters. You should have the male plug and female receptacle close to the light strand. Be careful when you climb on the ladder.

7. To avoid dealing with the problems later, plug in the lights from time to time to see if they still work.

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