Creating a paper lantern for the Christmas holiday

If you want to add something more to your traditional Christmas decorations, a very good option is a paper lantern. Being the darkest part of the year, because of winter and cold, Christmas season can be touched by the magical scene created by a paper lantern. You can choose from a large variety of models and colors and you can complete this project being helped by all family members.

Read the steps below and try to make it your own if you want to save your money.

First, you will have to choose the color well. You will need to fit it with the color theme of the tree and other decorations. The best options for Christmas themes are red and green, blue, gold and silver. So, you will need to cut the paper in rectangles of 2by 4 inches. One rectangle will form one lantern.

Then, you will have to decorate the sides of the papers using glittering glue and various colors. Also, you can use Christmas patterns like starts, trees or bells. For a candy theme, you can use white paper colored with red strips. Also, you can use rubber stamps if you want to apply your pattern easily.

Then, you will have to fold the piece of paper in half, along the length, creating a long and thin rectangle. You will draw a thin line ¼ inch away from and parallel to the open end of the rectangle.

Then, you will have to create strips across the folded edge, being guided by the pencil line. Make sure that you won’t cut beyond the line and the strips are ½ inch apart.

Now, you will need to unfold it and create a tube which has the short ends together and overlapping. You will need to fix the edges using tape or staples to create the lantern.

After that, you must cut strips of paper of about ½ inches wide and 3 inches long. You will cut one strip for each lantern and fix it across one end of the lantern to create a grip.

Now, you will simply need to hang the lanterns on the string of lights. Make sure that each lantern has its own light bulb and hang it across the doorway or into your room or tree. This is a good ornament for a Christmas party too.

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