Creating Christmas decorations at home

We all know that Christmas is a very important holiday and we should prepare for it carefully with present and decorations. Sometimes, money can’t satisfy our need and if you don’t have enough money to buy some ornament or you want a fresh original look for your house, you can create your handmade decorations.

So, you can create an ornament using popcorn.

You will need to pop popcorn and cool it. Then, you will cut a fishing line of about 1 yard long and tie a triple knot at one end. On the other end, you will need to thread a needle with the fishing line. Then, you will need to poke the needle through a popcorn piece and push it to the opposite end of the line. Then, you will repeat the action until you will the line and tie off the end. You can hang it on the tree on any other place that you want.

Another interesting ornament can be created using a photo. So, you will need to purchase some basic clear ornaments and choose a photo to cut down. You will need to measure the width and height of the ornament and draw a circle on the photo according to the measurements. Now, you will need to cut the circle and roll gently the sides of the photo in to create a scroll appearance. You will remove the top of the ornament and push the rolled up photo into the ornament. Now, you will place the top back of the ornament and you are done. Also, you can paint the exterior of the ornament for fun.

Snowflakes are ornaments that you can also do it yourself. So, you will fold a blank of white paper in half and once again. Use scissors to cut out shapes along the edges of the paper. You can cut squares, triangles, squiggles and other shapes. So, you will need to fold the paper and continue to cut out the edges. Then, you will simply open your paper and see the result. You created a unique snowflake which can be hanged from the ceiling or other place that you want.

To create a snowman, you will need to make a paper plate shape of it. Then, you will flip a paper plate over it, so the bottom will face up. You can use different colors for the paper. Create its facial features and also a hat and scarf. Then, you will glue them on a paper plate. You can create a family of snowmen which can be hanged near the fireplace.

A napkin ring can be also a good choice for the holiday table. So, you will need to measure the segments on a toilet paper roll and mark with a pencil. Then you will cut the lines and also a piece of Christmas fabric that will be 3 inches wide and 8 inches long. You will place fabric glue on the back side of the fabric and roll the toilet paper roll segment pressing the fabric into the roll. You will need to do this until the piece is covered and the fabric ends are secured in the roll.

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