Creating paper stars for the Christmas tree

If you want to create some paper stars for your Christmas décor, you can use paper from recycle bin, construction paper, wrapping paper, scrapbooking paper or any other kind of paper that you have. You can create some personal decorations and avoid using again and again the old and traditional Christmas decorations.

First, you will need to create four strips of paper 11 inches long by 4 ¼ inches wide by cutting two sheets of 8 ½ by 11 inch paper in half.

You will need to take two of them and overlap the ends a tiny bit and tape. The other two strips will suffer the same process. You created two long strips of 4 ¼ inches wide and 21 ½ inches long. Now, you will need to measure and draw a line one inch from the long edge up each strip of paper and draw lines across the width of the strip at ½ inch intervals. These lines will be the lines for folding and cutting.

Now, you will need to create a zig zag or jagged edge for every strip of paper. You will need to start from a corner of the strip and cut down to the line marked across the strip of paper. Then, you will need to cut from bottom to the top of the edge and create a jagged edge across the strip. Repeat the process for other strip too.

Then, you will need to fold the paper on the lines canvassing the width of the paper. Also, you will need to flip it and fold it to the next line. You will need to do this across each strip of paper and make sure that your folds are sharp. The paper must show like an accordion after you finished folding.

Now, you will need to hold one pleated strip of the paper in your hand with the cut points up. Now, using your right thumb and index finger, you will need to pinch the right edge flap of the pleated paper. Repeat the action for the left part.

Now, you will need to keep the paper pressed between your thumbs and bend the outside edges. They will fan out. You will need to tape the bottom of the fan to keep it fixed. You created a half of your Christmas star.

You will need to repeat the process for the other part of the star and make sure that you tape them together. Now, you will need to measure and cut a long strip of scrap paper and fold it in half to match the short edges. You will tape it to the back of the ornament and hang it on the tree.

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