Decorations for Christmas made of paper

One of the most popular holidays of the year should be a good reason to see your family unite. Christmas is nowadays only a reason to buy something new for your friends and family. We can change that if we consider spending some quality time with our family.

You can simply do that with Christmas paper decorations which will surely keep you unite for a while.

The history of paper Christmas decorations is somewhere back into 18th century. Into the past, women used to create a traditional meeting for this job. Friends and family were reunited for creating paper decorations for Christmas. This is a job for all ages. Small kids are delighted to crate start and other simple patterns, while older children and adults can create complicated shapes and models.

One very popular paper ornament is the three dimensional Christmas tree. You will need crayons, clear tape, green construction paper, glitter glue and scissors. Also, you can use stickers and other color papers.

So, you will start this job by folding the construction paper in half and cutting along the fold line. These two pieces will be placed one on top of the other and folded in half. You will need to draw a vertical half of a Christmas tree on the side of the paper opposite to the fold. Now, you will cut along the fold and you created two Christmas trees. You will need to fold them in half and cut a small slit right along the center of one Christmas tree on the bottom half. Also, you will need to cut along the center another small slit on the top half of the Christmas tree. Now, you can join them together. You will fix the tops and bottoms together using clear tape. Crayons and glitter glue will decorate your ornament.

A good project for children is a signpost. They can create it to direct you to Santa Claus or other place they want. So, you will need white glitter, glue, a hole punch, red and green paper, a thick sheet of paper, red and green acrylic paint and a piece of ribbon of about five inches. So, you will need to decorate the large piece of paper in the way you want. You will use the red and green acrylic paint and also the white glitter. The hole punch will be used to create a hole in the top corners of the sign. The ribbon will be threaded through it. Then you can hang it wherever you want.

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