Decorations for the Christmas table

Christmas come with a lot of activities one of them being decorating. If you are the one hosting the Christmas dinner for friends or if you just want to have a nice Christmas dinner that you have to prepare the table with decorations.

Make a centerpiece from a bowl of ornaments.

This will add elegance and good looks to your table. Use an empty glass bowel in the center of the table. Then bring as many types of colored ornaments and fill the bowl with them. If you want more, you can add pine needles to the bottom of the bowl or decorate the outside of the bowl with tea lights.

The centerpiece of the table can also be represented by the cake trays and serving platters. Decorate them with sprigs of evergreen and pine cones and red berries. You can be even more interesting if you add some lights inside the tray.

Enlighten your guests and also decorate your table with a glass vase filled with stripped mints and candy canes. Add a glimpse of glitter around the bottom of the vase.

Decorate candelabra with Christmas ornaments to really make a statement. Use evergreen and holly boughs for the base decoration. In the light of the green, red or white candles you will see the ornaments glittering.

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