Easy to make Christmas table decorations

Get the entire family together to work on creating Christmas decorations. The kids especially will be very excited about this when they will see their decorations around the dinner table.

Make a paper Santa

You can make a paper Santa centerpiece for the Christmas table.

You will need simple materials such as construction paper, markers, cotton, glue and tape. Start by making a cone shape from construction paper. Then secure the shape by taping it. Cut the shape of a face out of construction paper. Then glue it on top of the cone. Then take a piece of black paper and make the belt and a piece of yellow paper to make the buckle. You can draw the nose and mouth with a pen. Make the beard out of cotton balls and then the tip of the hat still with cotton balls.

Make a snowman

The snowman is another decoration kids can make. Glue three styrofoam balls, that are differently shaped, together. Glue the eyes and then use an orange pen for the nose and a black one for the buttons. Use a piece of fabric to replicate a scarf and in the end add little twigs to create the arms.

Make a napkin ring

The materials needed for this craft are a pair of scissors, a toilet paper tube, glue, paint and small decorative items, such as glitter, pine cones and plastic greenery. Make three rings from the toilet paper roll. Paint them with acrylic paint and then apply the decorations.

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