Easy to make Victorian Christmas decorations

You can obtain the Victorian theme for your tree if you imitate the ornaments of the respective period. The materials used by Victorians included paper, paint, ribbon, fabric and other household items different from the ones used today.

Dresden Ornaments

During the Victorian era a popular ornament was the Dresden ornament.

The basic materials were embossed and foil covered paper trimmed with tinsel, lace, ribbon and fabric. A modern version of the Dresden ornaments would include cutting figures from magazines or catalogs and then backing them with heavy paper. Then, embellish the dresses with glued trim, ribbon or lace.

More paper ornaments

A favorite ornament in the Victorian era was the cone-shaped cornucopias filled with candy. To make your own version you need to curl some colored paper into a cone and glue it. Glue lace or other trim on the open edge. Make more cornucopias and hang them on a ribbon to put them in the tree. Fill them with candy.

Edible ornaments

Another way Victorians decorated their trees was with fresh and dried fruits. You can wrap the fruits in colored paper and then attach them to the branches. Use cookies baked by you and hanged on a ribbon to decorate the tree. You can also add popcorn and cranberries on a string and set them were you want.

Other Ornaments

You can also use small toys to hang on the tree and bigger toys to place them under the tree. Back any old Christmas card with lace or eyelet trims and transform them into ornaments. Enhance the tree branches by hanging artificial flowers.

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