Handmade tissue paper covered glass ornaments for Christmas

Follow the instructions below if you want to create an ornament covered with tissue paper for Christmas. You can use various tissues wrapping paper to create this ornament. You can perform this job close to your family and friends.

Also, this can be a good craft project for groups and classes. You can create these ornaments for your own use or you can make them as gifts.

First, you will need to mix a bowl of water and white glue. You will need to use the precise amount of water for the mix as you will need to brush it easily with a foam paint brush. Use only a couple of teaspoons to create the precise consistency and be careful not to make it too runny.

Then, you will need to cut the tissue paper into small piece of about 1 square inch or even smaller. A few ornaments will be covered by one sheet of paper. You will need to look for sales for glass ornaments if you want your project to be cheap. You can find some boxes at discount prices if you purchase them early before Christmas.

So, after you bought your glass balls, you will need to brush one area of each glass with glue and water solution. Make sure that you work only on a small area at a time for a precise job. Also, you will need to make sure that you overlap the pieces applied. Apply glue and water mix on the top of the pieces too if you want a good fixing.

After you completed the job for one ball, you will need to let it dry completely. You will need to apply another layer of glue and water mixing if any pieces aren’t fixed on the glass. Let it dry again. Now, you can add a cord of ribbon on top of it for hanging. The project is complete now and you hang your new ornament into the tree or you can give it as a gift.

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