Ideas for a traditional Christmas design

Trees, candles, stockings, holly and pine boughs are the traditional decorations that design a house in Christmas time. Wreath is also a traditional and a “must have” ornament which symbolizes never-ending life. They are traditional pieces for Christmas decorations.

The Christmas tree is one of the most important traditions about Christmas. We all know that in Christmas time, trees are decorated, but in fact, this tradition is not so long. The tradition was started by Germans in 16th century and Americans took it only into the 18th century. Candies, fruits, nuts and candles were the first ornaments that people used. Nowadays, people use a very large variety of ornaments for the trees from glass ornaments to little stuffed animals. Also, handmade decorations are very popular these days.

Traditional decorating couldn’t exist without plants like holly, mistletoe, poinsettias and pine boughs. They represent natural selections for decorations and they are easy to find and install. The natural red color of the poinsettias is one of the most important design parts of the Christmas. Burned as fuel in the past, pine cones are use nowadays as a good material for handmade decorations. Wreaths are also a very important piece that must exist into the general design. Doors and fireplaces must not be forgiven when we decorate our houses. Mistletoe and a spring will also complete the scene perfectly.

Candles are also traditional ornament that must be present in every house. They symbolize the light of the world and they can bring a fine accent to your house. They aren’t use anymore into the trees because of the electric light which are safer but they can be placed on tables, mantels and any other place that can be decorated. They aren’t costly and they offer that piece of magic that you need for your house.

Also, you can choose to complete the scene with other decorations like Santa Claus, snowmen and other pieces transmitted from generation to generation.

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