Ideas for Christmas decorating from the west

Inspire yourself from the period when the Western US belonged to pioneers and wide open spaces with some rustic decorations. This theme can include natural greenery, Evergreen branches, twigs and others. You can accentuate the western touch with some old-fashioned spurs, cast-iron pans or belt buckles incorporated in the decorations.

Remember how the cowboys dressed with leather and denim, well you can use these materials to decorate the tree with. You can wrap the garlands with old leather belts and you can also make garlands from pieces of denim material cut into long strips.

Back then, women decorated their homes using quilts, blankets, towels. You can inspire from this habit and decorate the chimney with a quilt and stockings hanged there. Stitch some poinsettias or evergreens along the edges of a tablecloth or towel to increase the holiday appeal.

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