Ideas to decorate your house for a Victorian Christmas

Since many of the Christmas traditions come from the Victorian era, traditions like decorating the tree, your house is going to look very good decorated in such a manner. Here are some ideas:

Evergreen Boughs

Victorian decorations included evergreen boughs on any surface. Cover banisters and mantelpieces with evergreen garlands.

Then put them on shelves and tables. A good idea is to use beads, bows or fruits to add color, and it is absolutely necessary to have a wreath hanging at your front door.

Christmas tree

At first people used small presents and candy canes to decorate trees, very simple, but meanwhile there started to appear more decorations that are more elegant. Add glass ball ornaments to your tree and then cover it in pearl or popcorn garlands, ribbons, silver tinsel or other decorative items you can think of.


Windows were also very important when it comes to a Victorian decoration style. The simplest way to decorate a window is to use evergreen garlands but you can make it more elegant with drape gold-colored material outlining the window added with palm leaves ribbons and tassels.

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