Instructions about creating craft foam Christmas ornaments

If you want to make your own Christmas tree decorative ornaments you can use craft foam because it is a very easy to work with material. It is easy to cut, it comes in all kinds of colors and it glues easily too. You can use them for more than just tree ornaments also.

1. Use something to make the shapes for the ornaments. Search them on the internet or in books and magazines or simply use some cookie cutters to create the shapes of the ornaments.

2. Make a copy of that shapes using heavy paper or cardboard, one for each shape. Draw the outline of the shape on the material used and then cut it using a pair of scissors.

4. Decide on the colors for the craft foam and choose the paints that you will use to paint the decorations with. Instrument you can use is a fine line permanent marker for extra thin lines that can be painted using a brush.

5. Now using the pattern you made with the heavy paper or cardboard draw an outline of the shapes on the craft foam. Then, use the scissors and cut through that outline to create the craft foam shapes.

6. After the shapes are cut start decorating them with paint. After that, allow the paint time to dry. Decorate the craft foam pieces as desired with the acrylic paint and marker.

7. You will probably want to hang these ornaments so prepare a narrow ribbon of 6 inches long and fold it in half. Make a knot on the ends. Make a hanger for each ornament. Fold a 6-inch length of narrow ribbon in half and knot the ends. Then attach a knot the each ornament on top of them.

8. Now use the craft foam ornaments as you decide. You can use them as gift tags or whatever you want.

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