Learn to build string lightning

You can use string lightning to decorate during a party, a reception of for holidays. It is cheap and easy to make your own string lightning and the result is also great. If you want to create a multicolored effect you can use various colors.

You can attach silk flowers to the strand and make it stand out.

1. Gather 36 flowers on a flat surface. If the stand has empty spots you must add a loose silk flower there to have exactly 36 flowers. This is to make sure that you have the exact number of lights and flowers.

2. Merge the first loose silk flower to the strand of flowers by holding its stem and creating the impression that it was always there using a 2-inch piece of floral wire to secure it safely. To create that look you want make sure you hide the ends of the wire under the flower. You have to do this for all the added loose flowers.

3. Make a little hole in each flower’s center. After that spread both strand, of lights and of flowers on a flat surface one behind another.

4. Insert the first light through the hole in the first flower being careful that the side of the flower that remains visible is the front. Because the light cord will be hidden in the back it will seem like the light is glowing from the center of the flower. Complete this for the entire strand.

5. In the end arrange the wires of the two strands so that they are not visible. The desired result is to make the two strands look like one.

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