Learn to create fairy string lights

You can bring more style and allure to a decorative activity by using a theme combined with fairytale elements. String lights will help you transform any place. You can adorn anything from a Christmas tree to a trellises and window using string lights.

1. Start counting how many individual bulbs the string of lights has and note that number down.

2. You will now need a piece of colored vellum or cardboard paper to craft some fairy wings out of them. You will use 2 wings per bulb and when you are done crafting them verify that they are all the same size.

3. A little glitter glue added to the front side of each wing will add some sparkle. After the glue has dried rotate the wings on the other side and apply the glitter here also.

4. Start attaching the wings to one bulb at a time. The bulb should be one-quarter of the way up the wings with some of the wings below the light cord. Secure the wings with a stapler starting from below and going to the head of the bulb.

5. Don’t let the staple be visible. Hide them with some rhinestones glued on the connection points.

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