Learn to create rolling snowflake lights

The tradition these days states that there is no Christmas without decorations. Christmas lights have been used a long time ago as decorative items. Follow these steps to make rolling snowflake lights:


Cut a piece of wire of 6 foot using a wire cutter. Create the shape of a snowflake out of this, meaning a hexagonal shape.

2. If you are having difficulties in shaping the wire use pliers to make bends each foot of the wire section.

3. After you bend all the wire you should have the two ends joined together. The hexagon should have all 6 sides equal and the angles between them too.

4. Finish the shape by gluing the two ends.

5. Cut another three pieces of wire, now 2.5 feet long. Use these to connect all the opposite corners of the hexagon creating in the end the shape of a snowflake.

6. Using the remaining wire, create the base for the support you will use to place the snowflake and motor on. Cut two equal pieces of wire and bend them at an angle smaller than 90 degrees, but not much.

7. Glue the shaft of the motor and the center of the wire snowflake together. Normally this will allow the snowflake to rotate when the motor runs.

8. Fill the snowflake made of wire with Christmas lights the benefit from the way the lights are wired if that you can cut a piece of the lights and still have a working string. When the motor is on the snowflake will be rotating.

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