Learn to install lights for the outside

People use decorative lightning during holidays to create a festive mood and to increase the appeal of their houses. Follow these steps:

1. When you buy your lights check for the rating that says they are for outdoor use.

2. First take out the strands and inspect the thoroughly. Look for any missing bulbs, crimps and damaged insulation around the wire. Make sure that the bulbs are strongly fitted inside the socket and replace the faulty ones.

3. Do a running test. Plug in the lights and see if the bulbs all burn brightly. If you see any  that doesn’t, replace it.

4. Untangle the strands somewhere where you have enough room, check for knots in the strand.

5. When you install the lights on the roof make sure they are close to an outdoor outlet. If you don’t have an outdoor outlet, use an extension cord from inside the house to and install the lights near a window.

7. When installing lights on window frames and door frames use a finishing nail to secure the lights at each corner tapping it with a hammer. Also fix a nail in the upper and bottom center part of the frame.

8. Use nails for lights hanging on windows and doors but take care of the wire too by looping it around the nails or by attaching it to the nail.

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