Learn to make flashing lanyards

The tradition of Christmas decorations is very old, and one thing that still remains a solid piece is the decorative lights. Decorating Christmas trees with lights was a replacement for candles waxed to the branches or sealed in glass balls. First there were used small light bulbs and after that it has become a tradition to use electric strings of lights in trees.

1. Insert the batteries inside the battery case.

2. Link the switch with one end of the battery casing and the other end with a Christmas light.

3. Then link the two untouched ends, the one of the switch and the one of the Christmas lights.

4. Cover the entire lanyard’s center, on one side with a thin line of glue.

5. Take the string of lights and attach them to the lanyard on the glue line. The switch and the back of the lanyard should be aligned.

6. Wait some time until the glue dries.

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