Learn to mount lights outside the house

1. Decide where you want to place the lights. Find out how many lights you will need by measuring the length of the house at the ground level.

Use a measuring tape to do this and in the end add a few inches to the length for the eaves or gables.

2. Think about the budget you have available and the style of the lights you want to use. Decide from different colors to different shapes, style and many other criteria. Decide between small lights that cost less and last less and big lights that cost more but last longer.

3.  You will hang the light on the house using clips. Buy them also taking into consideration their style and color. Try to buy some clips that work with gutters, porch railings and shingles.

4. When you attach the clips with the bulbs to the house make sure you include all of them with a clip because otherwise it will look ugly to have lights sagging from the house.

5. Plug the string of lights only to a high voltage power source and connect an extension cord if you need one. Make sure that the power supply can handle all the lights and will not overload.

6. Cover the trees in lights too. Wrap the truck and add lighted decorations to the branches. Wrap the bushes in strings of light too.

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