Learn to preserve Christmas lights

The problem with storing Christmas lights for next year is that they will always turn out to be damaged, knotted together and with many broken lights. If you want to preserve the lights the best you can then pack the decorations safely at the end of the season, with great care.


To prevent the strings of light from tangling and knotting roll them around a piece of cardboard. The cardboard piece should be thick. Thread one end of the Christmas lights through a notch you should cut at the end of the cardboard.

2. Slowly pull the lights around the cardboard until you reach the end. Secure the lights in another notch you should make in the end. This way you don’t have to worry about the strand getting tangled.

3. Place all the lights in a strong box made of cardboard with a seal to close it. Make sure the lights won’t shift around the box easily. If you’d like you could insert soft materials, also decorations, such as wrapping paper, tissues, or garlands to prevent the shifting around.

4. Always place the boxes with Christmas lights on top of the storing area. You don’t want the lights to break because of the pressure applied by other boxes placed on top of them.  It will also be easier to access the boxes for other holidays if you keep them on top.

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