Learn to wire light strings

You need to plan things very careful when you want to string lights. There is the risk of shorting the entire string of lights when using staples to secure the lights. This is because the insulation can get damaged.

The same carefulness should be applied when trying to wire lengths of rope lights.

1. First apply the lights on a solid surface with the pattern you decided on using mounting clips.

2. Connect an outdoor extension cord to the closest string of lights to an electrical outlet. Look at the ends of the strings that have to be plugged into another string.

3. Verify that the fuses are not burned before plugging them in. If they are, replace them.

4. Start connecting the strings to each other. Then connect the extension cord to the outlet.

For the Rope lights:

1. Gather them in the wanted pattern and clip them to the surface. The rope lights have some marks named cutting marks that serve the purpose of showing you where to cut if you want to shorten them. You need to use some heavy-duty scissors and you need to cut only on that marks.

2. Cover the ends of each run of lights with an end cap using silicone sealer. Make the connections between the sections using coupler connections or double connectors.

3. Connect the power cable to the end of the rope light that is closest. Insert some silicone sealer inside the bottom piece of the power cable. Plug in the power cable.

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