Learn to wrap a bush in Christmas lights

Express the holiday spirit of your home by decorating the outside with Christmas lights. You can string lights directly on the bushes. You can either be subtle or use little white lights or you can use big lights in powerful colors.

1. Choose the style of the lights you want to wrap the bushes in. A very important aspect in this matter is to buy lights that are designed for the outside!

2. First test the lights individually. Plug them in and see if they function well and make an idea about how the bushes will look when you decorate them.

3. Start wrapping the bush from the bottom. Apply the strings in a spiral manner if you want to light the back and the front of the bush, moving upwards as well. If you just want to light the front part of the bush then place them in a wave pattern.

4. Apply electrical tape over all the plugs and sockets. This way you protect the wires from a short that can be caused by precipitation.

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