Make handmade decorations for the Christmas table

You can save a lot of money and not spend so much time by making handmade decorations for Christmas. You don’t even need to buy extra materials since you have all the materials already around the house. Some handmade decorations you can make are the centerpiece, place cards and napkin rings.

1. Gather more candles of different shapes and sizes on a metal tray. It has to be something that will reflect the light of the candles. Decorate the center of the table with the tray and candles.

2. Use cranberries and kumquats to fill a glass vase.  Use these vases to decorate the table by placing them at each end of the tray on it or off it.

3. Decorate the base of the tray using cut pine boughs, holly, pine cones and ornaments but still leave place for the light to be reflected.

4. Make gingerbread people cookies from sugar cookie dough. Decorate them with tube icing once they are baked. Use them as name tags for the guests.

5. From an empty toilet paper roll cut into more sections make napkin rings.  Cover the surface of the roll in Christmas fabric. Use ribbon, beads or sequins to decorate the rings further.

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