Make your own Christmas light orbs

It is cheap and easy to make your own orbs. You can choose the same color for all the orbs or you can mix multiple colors. You can usually find all the materials needed at resale shops.

1. Remove the screws from a round glass light fixture with a screwdriver. Normally a globe has 2, 3 or 4 screws, depending on the manufacturer. With the bottom part that covers the light bulbs rounded on these fixtures usually mount flush to the ceiling.

2. Place the light fixture on your lap facing down.

3. Get a strand of 50 Christmas mini lights and fold their ends together. In the opening of the light fixture put the center of the strand. Don’t stop pushing the Christmas lights inside the fixture until you have on the outside of the fixture 6 inches of both ends.

4. Make as many orbs as you want.

5. Decorate a flower bed outside or the sidewalk with the light orbs. Connect the farthest and the closest plug from the power supply together. Advance toward the power supply and connect the light orbs. Connect the light plug that remains the last with an electrical receptacle.

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