Some tips about creating paper link chains for the Christmas tree

Making linked paper chains to ornate the Christmas tree with them is an old tradition, but it still works with kids and with the upgrades in paper quality, it is actually a good decorative item.

1. Decide what kind of paper to use.

It is better to mix various colors and textures because it makes the chains look better and also excites the kids more.

2. Make paper strips at a size of 1 inch by 6 inches to be fairly easy to curl them, since kids have so little fingers.

3. Make piles according to each paper type. Each one at its own pile.

4. Make rings out of the paper strips by bringing the ends together and gluing them.

5. Each ring has to be inserted through another ring to create a chain. After you insert the strip into the paper ring, bring the ends together and glue them as well.

6. Stop until the size of the chain satisfies you.

7. Before hanging the chain leave the glue some hours to dry completely.

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