Star decorations for Christmas

If you want to add a personal touch to your Christmas decorations, you can create your own star decorations. These ornaments will fit well with your home design, a party location or even with a classroom. You will use some inexpensive materials to create these ornaments and you will be supported by kids who love to create things especially when it comes to Christmas.

This project is a good one for gathering all the members of your family or your friends.

So, you will start by creating a centerpiece star out of 6 to 10 inch plywood. You will need to use a double stick tape to fix the Christmas small ornaments like small photos or tissue paper. Make sure that your star is completely covered. Fill it with all that you can add and make it a glitter look. You will need to coat the craft using a light layer of glossy glaze and lean the star against a cylinder candle holder.

Also, you can create twinkling Christmas star decorations which can be hanged on the front door or in any place that matches with their design. So, you will need to glue a 3 to 5 inch Styrofoam star and sprinkle the shapes using gold, green, red or silver glitter. After the star dries, you will use a screwdriver to punch a hole into the top of the star. Then, you will cut a piece of ribbon of about 8 inches and push one end through the hole. You will tie the ends together to create a loop for hanging.

Kids can easily create a wreath using stars. They will use scissors to cut a dozen 3 inch stars out of cardstock. You will need to prepare a ring by cutting the center of a white paper sheet. During your process, the kids can decorate the stars using markers. Then, they will glue the stars around the ring and they will overlap the edges. In this way, the white ring can’t be visible. The wreath can be hanged on a doorway.

Another interesting job is to create stars using sticks. You can use red, green or yellow wood craft sticks. So, you will need to arrange five stick into a star shape. The corners should be fixed using white glue. You can decorate the stars using gems, buttons or sequins. The stars can be hanged on the refrigerator if you add two strips of magnetic adhesive on the back of the stars.

Clear glass star ornaments can be easily created by removing the metal top of the ornament and pushing thin strips of ribbon inside it. The ornament must be completely filled for a fine look. The top will be replaced with a metal hook for hanging.

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