Use Christmas decorations to make centerpieces for tables

During the Christmas period everybody looks to decorate their homes as nice as possible. Still it can be a little expensive to decorate the entire home, but you have to remember that the dinner table centerpiece is one of the traditional decorations and it needs to be present. If you can’t afford buying one, what you can do is to gather decorations from around the house and create your own centerpiece.

1. Gather all remaining decorations from around the house. Pick up some ball ornaments, probably around 12, and use them in your Christmas centerpiece. Remember to match the colors of the fabric you use to cover the table with the ones in the centerpiece.

2. You will need to put the ornaments in something, so you should get a glass bowl. You can mix the sizes of the balls by making a big one and two little more to put on the sides of the centerpiece.

3. Decorate the larger bowl with a string of Christmas lights. Place them in the bottom.

4. Now, start filling the bowl with the decided ornaments. Fill it all the way to the top, and what remains you can out in the smaller bowl.

5. To make the image more delightful, sprinkle some silver or gold tinsel around the base of the bowl.

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