Use Christmas wrapping paper to decorate

Every holiday there is the question about how to decorate the house this year. Well, instead of spending a lot of money on expensive decorations you can buy wrapping paper for less than 10$. You can actually use wrapping paper to decorate your entire house for the holidays.

1. You can use wrapping paper on almost everything. Start with the pictures that are already hanging on the walls. Take them off and wrap the front of the photo with some nice looking wrapping paper and then put it back on the wall.

2. Decorate all the rooms in the house with gifts made from old boxes you have around the house wrapped in some wrapping paper. They will look like presents and they will cheer the rooms very nice.

3. Another thing to decorate with wrapping paper is the inside of the windows. Use the same type of paper on each window and tape it with double-sided tape. If you want, you can add a wide ribbon across each window to make your house look like an enormous gift.

4. Because kids can get very messy, it is recommended to use a vinyl tablecloth on the table that you don’t have to wash and you can decorate it with some wrapping paper.

5. If you have kids around the house, than wait no more and take advantage of their creative mind, let them decorate the house how they want using wrapping paper.

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