Use white and silver to decorate the Christmas table

Obtain an elegant and simple look with white and silver all over the Christmas dinner table. You can add an impact color such as red or green, but don’t exaggerate with it. Decorating for Christmas has become a tradition and everybody can enjoy this activity.

1. Use tablecloths and place mats only in white, silver or maybe a combination of both in a Christmas pattern.

2. Fill the table with a festive silver and white centerpiece. Use as centerpiece a silver tray, vase or bowl filled with pine cones, snowflake ornaments, candles, or other edible treats. You can create your own decorations as well, depending on your preference. You can decorate clear glass bulbs with a pen and some imagination.

3. Try to match the dishes in a plain white or a silver rim. Continue the color theme with silver goblets and silver napkin holders. Make decorations with the purpose to tell the guests where to sit. You can use silver favor boxes, bags or frames with their names. For the extra glitter sprinkle some silver star-shaped confetti. If you want to make the Christmas dinner more intimate you can place a few votive candles around the table.

4. Cover the chairs with white or silver fabric to make the look more sophisticated. You can also add bows with white silk flowers or silver bells, but this is almost exaggerated.

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