Various types of Christmas lights

Everybody knows that with winter comes Christmas and with Christmas comes a lot of decorations. Besides traditional decorations and ornaments around the house people use Christmas lights to create a warm mood. There are a lot of Christmas lights types on the market.

You can choose from LED lights to incandescent lights, but remember that LED is safer and more economic.

There are lights that resemble candles called mini Christmas lights. The tradition of using candles in trees dates from the Victorian era and now they are replaced with electric lights. You can get mini-lights in any format: regular strings, icicle-style or net-style.

C series

The first of the C series lights are the C6 lights. They have the shape of a cone or a strawberry. They are also the smallest in the series.

The next one is the C7 whcich is a little bigger and has a more convex shape.

The last and largest in the series are the C9 bulbs having the same shape as the C6 but a lot larger.

G Series

The G series have the shape of a sphere and are also divided in many sizes. They have names like G 20, G25 and so on, where the number after the G stands for the diameter of the bulb measured in eights of an inch.

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