What decorations to use for Christmas in a church?

It is important that the Christmas holiday in your church will feel festive. This can depend very much on the decorations you use. Here are some ideas about how to decorate your church:


Gifts have an important symbolism in Christmas so you can use this in your church. You can use wrapping paper to cover doorways creating the appearance of gifts. Use color paper to wrap the pulpit and the wall pictures and decorations. Find some empty boxes to wrap and place them on the tables too look like presents. Also use this idea for the Christmas tree. Use the boxes to surround the tree and use smaller boxes to decorate the branches. Try to add presents all over the church, on the isles, in the foyer, also hang them from chandeliers, light fixtures or the rafters. Create a more mobile effect by attaching more presents to a string and hanging it from the ceiling.

2. There are plants like the holly and ivy and evergreen vines that can help increase the Christmas feeling in a room. This is why you should decorate the doors and the pews with evergreen wreaths. You can use the strands of ivy to hang them on the walls of the sanctuary. Also you can use these plants to decorate the tree. Decorate the pulpit with holly wreath. You have to take into consideration the fact that cut breaches get dry after a few days, so you might consider attaching them when there are only 2 days left till Christmas.

3. Also another symbol characteristic for Christmas is the star. Decorate the entire ceiling of the church with stars hanged on strings that start from one end and go to the other. Use the starts to decorate windows as well as the ends of the pews. Decorate the Christmas tree with stars, install a star on top of it, and surround the pulpit area with a garland of stars.

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