What to do when half of the Christmas lights don't work

Even though many can’t wait to start decorating the Christmas tree, for others it can be a big problem. This is due to the fact that it can get really frustrating to see that the lights don’t function after you worked so much to set up the tree, decorations and string of lights. Here are some troubleshooting techniques.

1. Verify that the strands are connected to each other correctly. After that check the plug and the wall socket for damages. You might get the things right after this steps or you might need to repair some more.

2. You need to find if there is a problem with the connectivity between the bulb and the wire of the socket. Gently touch the lights and see if they flicker. You will need to use replacement bulbs for the ones that flicker.

3. Verify the strand for bulbs with a little black inside them. This means they went out but because they weren’t changed the strand overloaded. Because of this all the remaining lights will go out eventually. In this case you will need to replace the entire strand, because you don’t know when the rest will go out.

4. If you need to check each bulb for problems you will need a Christmas light bulb tester. This will ease the job for you. Some strands will stop functioning if only one bulb is damaged. You will need to replace the ones that don’t work anymore.

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