What to replace Christmas lights with?

Even though Christmas lights provide that amazing holiday feeling and warmth, they are still bad from some points of view, like for the environment. Also you can get hurt by trying to hang them on the roof in icy conditions. This is why you can benefit from alternatives to Christmas lights.

You can replace electric power with battery-powered and solar powered LED Christmas lights. You can get a traditional, nostalgic look by using paraffin wax candles. Use candle holders to place the candles outside, place them at windows, and decorate the walkway and porch with candles in votives. Be careful because candles can create fire so light them off every night and keep an eye on them.

Replace the longs strands of lights with a few big ones; replace the lightning bulbs with colored ones. Light your decorations outside with a colored spotlight installed in the yard. Don’t worry about lightning the candles every day, use electric ones, place them at windows so that people can see them from outside.

Christmas Displays

You can decorate the yard in other ways than with lights. You can use Christmas displays with lights so they are visible at night.  Install a nativity set to celebrate religious Christmas. Take a visit to the decoration store and choose whatever you like there.


Use inside decorative greenery for outside decorations. Hang big wreaths on the windows and doors. Wrap the frames of the windows and doors with boughs of fake holly and install a Christmas tree with ornaments on the front porch.

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