Advanced technology used for drilling

High-tech devices used for oil well drilling represent something that should be present in every large company that is working with oil. Errors made by humans are eliminated by those devices and costs are reduced. Also, by using these devices, a lot of time is saved.

Technology solutions in oil drilling industry are developed by Baker Hughes for over a century. The company is exploiting the needs of large oil companies and offers them new solutions for drilling. Also, the company is offering cost-effective solutions and less dangerous.

Borehole logging is happening while drilling boreholes. The horizontal or vertical narrow shaft drilled to extract oil or gas. The process of surveying and recording specific details of geologic formations that are penetrated by the borehole is included into logging.

In the past, a wire was used by the most companies to log measurement information from the down inside the borehole. Nowadays, the new logging-while-drilling machines are making the entire job. Information is taken from the borehole immediately and transmitted to a computer. Also, workers can have an image from the borehole if they want to check closer what is happening there.

INTEQ AziTrak was invented by Baker Hughs. This device is allowing a detailed and a faster down-hole view than a normal sensor. The system is acting like a GPS and allows workers to have a 360 degree view about the bed boundaries. They will measure and visualize better a drill hole. In this way, workers can make more accurate placement decisions and a higher efficiency will be resulted.

Another data processing technology produced by Baker Hughes is the 3D eXplorer Service. Connected to special software, the tool is allowing an accurate measuring. It is used for challenging borehole environments. Almost all companies use these systems. Workers can obtain a real-time evaluation for measuring and drilling. The software part is connected to Microsoft XP operating systems.

Technology is tested and introduced every day. Large companies should have more technical equipment if they want to increase their productivity and efficiency.

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