Why to use spray foam insulation

Traditional construction methods are redefined by spray foam insulation. This new method is created by the modern building science and it is energetically efficient.

Spray foam insulation has some very important benefits.

It is stopping the air and moisture infiltration making your house more comfortable. Also it saves energy costs and adds strength to the structure of the house. It will not sag and it is permanent and also is keeping dust and pollen out of the area. Another very important benefit is that it is reducing the capacity requirements and maintenance of the HVAC system.

Used into the building envelope, the spray foam is better than the fiberglass insulation because it creates a superior air barrier. Also, you will be happy to find your energy bills lower because it is sealing the entire building envelope.

The polyurethane foam sprayed is one of the best commercial materials of its type because it has an R-value of approximately 6.0 per inch thickness. Because of this fact, you will save up to 30% off your energy per month. The cost of its installation it is recovered in 5 years thinking about the smaller consume of energy.

The spray foam is also very good if we think that it is preventing moisture and gas infiltration. 40% of the heat lost in a normal house it is caused due to air infiltration. The foam seals the walls and you will save a lot of precious energy. Also, you will never face problems with mold.

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