Instructions for using ultra sonic blind cleaning equipment

In this article you will find some steps that will help you use ultrasonic blind cleaning equipment.

First, you will have to dust the blinds completely. Get all the big pieces off using a rag or a duster.

If you find that dust isn’t cleaning the way that you want, you will need to use air cans. You can start to clean the blinds once you removed all the dust. You will avoid bending or damaging blinds if you will use the blind cleaner.

You will need to add water and cleaning solution into the cleaner. It is also very important that water to be warm. The blinds will be cleaned safely as they are placed in a holder that comes with the blind cleaner. Put the holder inside the cleaner and fill up with water if it is not enough. You must check the manufacturer’s instructions before starting the cleaning because blind can be made by different materials and they need different periods of cleaning.

After you complete this job, it’s time to let the blinds dry. So, you will hang them on a clothes line or a drying rack or you can simply put them on a table. Depending by the material which they are made of, they can dry in a few minutes, hours or days. After they dry completely, you will need to reattach them and repeat the process with the next set of blinds.

Remember that you can clean only a set of blind once. Also, remember to check the material of the blind to know how much time they will remain into the cleaner. In this way you will avoid damages and  extra costs.

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