Modern ideas for Christmas decorations

If you are bored of a traditional design for the Christmas theme, you can choose to create a modern look for your house. Delicate details, sharp lines and sleek designs create a Christmas decor in a modern style. So, if you want that, you will simply need to combine two colors to create a color theme which will give you a cheerful looking.

Thinking about colors, sparkling white is the best option for your modern design. You can use tiny glass balls painted in silver and white. Also, you can use white lights around the tree. Doing that, you will give your house an elegant appearance.

This theme can be completed by a glass bowl which contains glass ball ornaments. This can be a centerpiece for the sparkling white theme. Also, you can add white color at windows and doorways. Wreaths should be also designed in same color theme and you can use white satin bows and glittery silver beads for an elegant touch. Also, you should not forget about white votive candles which should be placed on a table or fireplace mantles.

Another good option is to replace old traditional color themes with cranberries. They will give you a funky modern style. You can combine cranberries with an artificial Christmas tree which contains jade green needles. Also, glass square and clear glass diamond ornaments will fit well with strings of tiny cranberries colored in a glittering way. Also, you can use a glass vase filled with jade colored ferns and cranberry bead covered branches. You should not forget about the wreath which should be also decorated in a cranberry style.

Another interesting theme to choose for your Christmas decorations is icy blue. This color will provide you an elegant and modern look. You can use a large frosted glass shaped in a pine tree to provide a fine substitute for the tree. You can decorate it with icy colored lights and ornaments. Also, you can use them for windows, mantles and doors. You can create a centerpiece made from a large foam cone. This piece will be painted in silver, white and icy blue for an elegant modern look. Small icicle ornaments and candles complete this modern Christmas scene.

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