Sliver venetian blinds advantages and disadvantages

Silver venetian blinds have such a sleek look and reflective properties that they are considered to be a very good choice for a decorative measure. You can read this article and learn more about this.

The material that venetian blinds are made of is aluminum and added to this is a slight silver finish.

  Usually they have a thin structure, 1 inch deep.

Contemporary decorations use silvery finish especially the Art Deco or Art Modern style rooms. A big utility of these blinds is their property to reflect light and heat therefore keeping the temperature in the room very pleasant when the blinds are pulled. The price you have to pay for a set of venetian blinds is as low as for most aluminum venetian blinds. For the rooms with many windows this is a big advantage.

Cleaning the blinds and maintaining them clean is a challenge because of the narrow slats. Therefore silver venetian blinds don’t create a safe environment for people who suffer of asthma or respiratory diseases. If you are a decorative fan and you now about these things, then you must know that venetian blinds are not traditional or Victorian decors. Still if you want to hide them you can do this with sheers or tieback draperies.

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