Costs of a septic tank

The septic tank, usually used in rural area is the place where all the wasted water used in a household gets after it is flushed. This is a necessary installment because it is what keeps the waste water in one place.

For those of you who want to build a new rural house, you must know about septic tanks.

The normal location for a septic tank is underground and the water must enter and leave the tank in the same time.

There are two factors that determine the price of the septic tank: the size and the type. This means that a larger tank, a larger price and the materials vary from steel, concrete or fiberglass. A concrete septic tank is something that people install and don’t require to take care of them very much over several years. A standard septic tank, let’s say can hold 1000 gallons and costs around 500-700 $ .

When talking about installation costs you have to consider the type of the system and the labor costs. Also it depends on how mush prime materials you need. Also the length of the pipes that need to be installed to link the toilets and bathrooms of the house with the tank. The lowest installation price is around 2000$ but the normal charge gets around 3000 and 5000 $. Of course you could also pay a lot more depending on these factors.

The maintenance costs depend on how often your system requires it. At the beginning you should need to pay at most 500$. The maintenance that is needed after a few years is to throw away the solid wastes that remain inside the tank. The usual maintenance consists in using septic tank cleaners like the enza powder that keep away the clogs.

If you install a top quality septic tank in a good manner than you should have no problem for over 20 years.

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