Maintenance for septic systems

The system of the septic tank has to function without hassle and for this is required a regular maintenance. This will both increase the system’s life and also assure it is working properly.

You protect you home by taking care of the septic system.

In case of failure of the septic system, the results are a disaster. The worse problem can be to pollute the water in the ground that you and the ones living near you use to drink. Even worse is when it contaminates the rivers, lakes and nearby waters. So it’s not only the damage you have to repair in your house it is also the environment which is affected.

In order to keep the septic tank in a working condition you have to take care of some facts. For example you have to maintain the system clog-free. Read the following measures that you need to take care of in order to keep the septic system working without flaws.

First locate the septic tank and the draining place. You can make use of the drawing of the system. Remember, never dispose of oil and grease in the sink or in the toilet. These substances flow at the surface and don’t mix with water therefore causing the upper part of the septic tank to clog the inlet pipes.

Throw cotton buds and other products that are not biodegradable in other places than the septic system because they will clog the system.

Don’t throw in the system substances such as pesticides, caustic soda or paints or solvents. Keep the water at a medium pouring pressure because it can overload the system.

Don’t use the additives that say they unclog septic systems, removing sludge and bacteria and such things. These formulas can actually destroy the system by not leaving solid wastes to settle normally.

Don’t park vehicles over the septic system because the pressure may damage the pipe lines and the compact soil may prevent proper drainage of the system.

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