Solving landscape drainage problems

Yards get filled with water all the time and if the drainage is not good then you will be faced with a pile of standing water every day. What you need is to find a solution fast in order to save as much damage as you can. You house’s structure and foundation can be severely affected by excessive water.

Find out these solutions by reading on the article.

On simple and easy solution is to install a dry creek bed. It looks like a drain but It is wider rather than deeper and it is surrounded with rocks. Time is what you need here because you will have to dig a while. You will have to dig along the course of the dry creek and then apply landscape fabric along the dry creek. Then you have to place the rocks over some mortar to cover the landscape. You will have to redirect the water from the dry creek bed somewhere like on the street if you are allowed to.

Other problem that may be causing water problems is the compact soil. This means that water cannot drain through the soil in your yard. For example clay soil performs in that way. What you need to do is to improve the quality of that soil with compost or saw dust or other organic materials. Remember that this is not a solution for big quantities of water.

Other simpler solutions are the sump pump or dry well and always make sure you divert the water to the right places.

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