2 gutter guards that fit k style gutters

Any guttering system needs to have a gutter guard installed. It is very important to have a consistent water flow so that the drainage system works efficiently. The gutter must be protected against any leave or debris that may enter it.

If you fail to prevent this from entering the gutter, the water flow will be stopped making the gutter inefficient in removing the water from the house. Because of the low costs and great efficiency many people go for the k style gutter guards.

First, the hinged gutter guard that usually comes in 3 and 4 foot sections are so easy to install because they have this clips that you use them to fix the guard with. The screens just lay on the roof, and the hinges clamp it in place. Because of these clips the use of fasteners or additional tools is eliminated for this type of gutter guards. The hinged gutter guards are available in copper, steel or aluminum.

The other gutter guard type presented here is the drop-in gutter guard system. Just look at its name and you will understand how this type of guards works. All you need to do is drop the gutter guard into place over the gutter. You can’t even see them if you are looking from the ground. The main aspect of this gutter guard type is its low cost.

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