Advice for replacing your gutters

The replacement of your roof guttering system is a job made usually by a professional, but it can be transformed in a do-it-yourself job if you decide to spend a weekend with no rain forecast for this project. In this article you will find the steps as you should do them.

First, you will have to mark places where you will install gutters and downspouts.

Then you will have to install the brackets. The brackets will be attached into the holes along the fascia of the gutter. In the markings where the existing gutter used to hang, you will have to drill pilot holes and attach the brackets using stainless lag screws that will not rust. Be sure that screws are long enough to attach the brackets well. The next step is represented by cutting the gutters. Make sure that your measurements are correct and then use the power miter saw and the appropriate tipped saw blade to make a clean cut in the gutters.

Next, you will have to install the downspouts. Mark and cut the holes perfectly if you want your downspouts to be installed well. Make a hole using a whole saw in the place marked on the gutter and then install the downspout to the side of your house. Then, you will have to install the gutter by placing it into the brackets attached to the fascia of the house. You can drill additional holes into the bracket holders to secure the gutters to the house.

The next step is represented by wrapping the edges of the gutter. You will need the strip miter to make cuts for the corners of the gutter to cover the breaks that occur around the corners. To prevent any potential leaking, you will have to rivet the strip pieces that you cut into place to seal the corners.

The last step is represented by the attachment of the brackets to the downspouts. Now, your rain drainage system is ready to use.

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