An evaluation of the Mastershield gutter guard

Mastershield is one of the gutter guards available on the market. This article will be about all the features of this system.

It is a system build of panels with a waterfall design.

The material they are made from is 0.19 gauge aluminum. To install the system properly you have to slip the upper runners under the first line of roof shingles and then use clips to attach the lower end to the lower gutter.

Only water flows through the screen, leaving leaves and twigs outside and because it has an angled design the debris just slide down by themselves, so there is no need for hand cleaning. Plus the water also slides down more easily because of this design so the system has an effective drainage.

The gutter guard can support great flows of water because of the relatively large slots in the panel, but this could mean that small debris still enter the system if they are not stopped  by the higher step above the line of slots. Aluminum, the material from which Mastershield gutter guards are made of is very resistant to weather conditions. But there might be a problem with the thickness of the panels, which is relatively small, due to which the panels might bend.

The installation process is simple and doable. If you are not in possession of more money to hire a contractor, you can do the job yourself. The biggest disadvantage is still its small durability.

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