Basic instructions for installing aluminum gutters

A very good reason why you should install aluminum gutters is durability. Also, they are easy to install and they can have various designs. They are light weight and you won’t need a big effort to install them especially if you have an assistant to help you.

First, you will have to make a plan and think about number of gutters will you need. You will look carefully if you want to avoid problems with water drainage. Then you will have to measure the lengths of the house edges and keep in mind that gutters are made in 10 feet sections. You will know how many pieces you will need and you will order 10 percent more if you want to avoid going twice to the store. You will also need to think about the tools you will use into the process before you head to the store.

Then you will have to mark the place where your gutters will be installed so, you will start at the end of the roof away from your downspout and you will measure ½ inch downwards. You will need to do the same thing near the downspout edge and level the marking with each other.

Then you will have to create a slope if you want water to flow easily to your downspout. Measure the distance between the first mark and the downspout end, and make a line between these two points.

Now you are ready to start the proper process of installation. You will climb on a ladder and you will create holes using the power drill. You will install pieces separately and fix them using screws. Make sure that you will cut the excess of gutter using the hacksaw. To prevent any leaking, make sure that you seal the edges of the gutter. Now you can install the downspouts by making some holes for the brackets after you measured the distance between the lower part of the gutter and the ground. You will attach the downspout to the wall and repeat the process for the other parts of your house.

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