Good options for your gutter system

Even if you are building a house or you’re replacing the existing gutters, there are a lot of options to choose from. Choosing the color to match the roof and trim of your house or the gutter size are very important aspects that you have to think about.

The material of your gutter system is another decision that you have to take carefully.

The general aspect of your house can be improved by choosing copper and zinc for your gutter system. These materials have a natural brown color that can bring some fresh air to your house, but in the same time less money in your pocket.

A better choice than aluminum is steel, especially when your house is situated in areas with extreme weather climates. They can be more expensive than the aluminum ones but they will resist easier to weather changes.

Due to the small cost and easiness of installation, the aluminum gutters are the most common. They can also be painted in any color that you want.

The most popular gutter is the k-style. When you look at it from the front, it looks like a crown molding but when you look it from the side it has the shape of a K. The form of the k-style gutters is created by a roll forming machine which is a much bought product since the k-style is so popular.

Apart from the crown molding look, the fascia style is similar to the k-style. This style is a plain one and it is used when the crown molding style doesn’t fit with the house style. The fact that since it is smooth it can hold more water and can be made thinner gives an advantage to the fascia style. These gutters give you the opportunity to install them without being noticeable.

The seamless style is quick and easy to install because the installer will bring a big rolling machine and will form the gutter in one piece right into your garden. This style is just as functional as the other styles without the presence of seem that will appear when the gutter needs to turn a corner or add a new downspout.

The most expensive type of gutters is wood gutters. If they are maintained properly, they can outlast most types of materials. Wood gutters, generally fit well in the construction of custom buildings or in the restoration of older homes. Choosing the wood option, the best choice is redwood and fir, which are the most durable.

The most used gutters in the areas of mild climates, where freezing and thawing is absent are vinyl gutters. The lightweight style is used by people living by the ocean or in trailers because it is easy to maintain and cheap.

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