Gutter guard systems - the main models

The solution to have your gutter that drains the rainwater of your roof clean and unclogged is the use of a gutter guard.  With the wide variety available on the market the best decision is to be made after asking a lot of people and specialists.

The most used model is the screen gutter protective panels that capture leaves and other debris using a mesh design.

Installing them is easy done using the clips they have which you attach to the side of the gutter.  This is basically a very good system that stable, and for more durability it’s better to be made of steel rather than plastic.

Another type is the bracket gutter guard system that allows the water to flow and the debris to slide to the ground. The difference is that they are installed using brackets. As this is more stable, it’s also more complicated and may damage the roof or gutter.

Customers are very fond of hooded gutter guard systems. You mount them on the gutter with clips while they are slipped under the shingles of the roof. While the water pours through the slots the debris slide down.  Easy to install and durable is the description of this model.

The last type is the foam gutter guard that simply fills the channel with foam being the easiest to install. The foam captures all the debris letting just the water to fall. The thing with this type is that it needs regular cleaning and maintenance and is not as durable as the rest.

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