Instruction about cutting a copper gutter

Using copper gutter is an option if you are concerned about the house’s exterior look.  Usually you install such gutters using fascia brackets but you will need at one moment to cut the gutter in pieces depending on the necessary length.

First, measure how much copper gutter you will need to install.

Don’t start cutting. Use a measuring tape to measure the distance between one edge of the roof and the opposite edge. You will have an assistant that will take the measurement tape to the other end and record the correct measurement.

Second, turn the copper gutter with the curved side facing up. Then take a marker and draw the correct length that you will need to cut.

And finally, you will need to make a dent on the copper gutter. To do this you need a nail set, a steel tool with a hardened point, and hammer the tips of the copper gutter on the material. After that, rotate the gutter and identify the dent you previously made. Then take a screwdriver and make a hole inside the material. Then cut along the marked area using a tin snip and stop when you properly cut the gutter.

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