Instructions about cleaning a honeycomb blind

It can be very challenging to clean honeycomb blinds. There are a lot of hard to reach spots that you have to get to. You must follow some simple steps on how to complete this job carefully.

First it’s better to take off the blinds. After that, start mixing the cleaning solution. That includes mixing a small amount of soap with warm water and pouring it in a tube. You can add some bleach in case you have light blinds.

The next step involves soaking the blinds inside the tube with the cleaning mixture. The dirtier spots can be removed if you scrub the area with a paint brush, or a toothbrush for harder areas to reach.

At the end of the cleaning process you can drain the tube. Run warm to cold water without replacing the plug. Use this water to clean the blinds of all the soap.

Leave the blinds to dry. They can dry easier if you hang them on the clothes line or you could just lay them down somewhere else. If you choose to do so, don’t forget to flip them over once in a while. You can hang them back as soon as they are dry.

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