Instructions about cleaning mini nylon blinds

It’s very easy to clean mini blinds. You can clean mini blinds easier than you might think. If you follow a few easy steps you will keep your blinds clean.

When you go to clean the mini blinds you will find out that owning a vacuum cleaner with a small hose attachment can be the best advantage you have. Repeat a weekly cleaning process and the blinds will always be safe. Just use the attachment and remove the debris. As a replacement to the attachment you can use a small brush or a feather duster.

The next step involves getting a soft sponge and soaking it in cold water. Then apply the sponge to the blind’s surface and clean it even further. After that, allow it some time to dry. Don’t be concerned about soaking nylon cause it is water resistant therefore the cleaning won’t be affected.

You can go for a deeper cleaning by taking off the blinds from the windows and washing them in the ground where it is easier to reach hard spots. You can create a mixture of warm water and soap to remove deep spots. Use a paper towel to wipe the blind’s surface and then leave them hanging somewhere to dry completely.

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